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Aim & Scope

International Journal for Scientific Research in Modern Engineering and Science (IJSRMES) is a reputable venue for publishing novel ideas, state-of-the-art research results and fundamental advances on all subjects.

The goal of this journal is to provide an international platform for researchers and academicians all over the world to promote, share, and discuss various new issues and development in the field of the modern era.

IJSRMES International Journals cover the cutting edge of Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine, and Humanities and provide high impact reviews of their fields through prestigious multi-disciplinary titles from the Institute of Research and Journals and a variety of discipline-specific academic journals.

The scope of the journal is to provide an academic medium and an important reference for the advancement and dissemination of research results that support high-level learning, teaching, and research in all fields. We bring together Scientists, Academician, Engineers, Scholars, and Students of related fields.

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